Many people are looking for ways to shake up traditional weddings at your typical Lee’s Summit event space. There are many ways to do this from flowers, colors, and themes. However, a new way to incorporate some fun surprises for your guests is by making a cake or dessert that is unique.

Tiny Cakes with Multiple Varieties

White wedding cakes are often either loved or hated by guests. Many people are finding that they often have too much cake leftover and end up throwing it away. It might be time to try another offering when it comes to cake.

Why not try mini cakes with different bases and fillings? This is a great way to keep the traditional wedding cake alive while giving it a little variety to your wedding at a wedding venue in Lees Summit. It’s nice to keep tradition while still giving everyone an option to choose a mini cake that is something they love.

His and Hers

If you want to keep the look of a traditional wedding cake but still want a variety of different cakes, then some couples opt for two cakes. Maybe you love vanilla, and your future spouse is a chocolate lover. Why not both get what you want while also offering your guests an option?

When your wedding is hosted in an indoor outdoor venue in Lee’s Summit then having the variety and option of two cakes is sure going to please your guests. Not to mention, you’ll have plenty of space to spread out and enjoy a delicious slice.

Lee’s Summit Event Space

Ice Cream Bar

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Especially when you are choosing outdoor wedding venues in Lee’s Summit to host your event. Imagine a beautiful outdoor wedding this summer with a fun ice cream bar with all the toppings. What a fun way to bring pops of color, make everyone happy, and create a buzz while people create their own unique sweet treat.

Brownies or Pies

Believe it or not, some people don’t like cake. If you are one of those people, why not skip the cake altogether? Couples are opting to offer their guests pie varieties or brownies stacked in slices to resemble a cake. This keeps a traditional look but better fits the couple that doesn’t like cake. What a fun surprise for your guests to get something a little different during the wedding season.

If you are hosting your wedding at barn venues in Lee’s Summit this is a great option. Brownies and pies are a more casual dessert to offer your guests and they don’t take away from your overall theme.

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