Now that you are engaged, it’s time to start thinking about all the things that need to be done to pull off the wedding of your dreams. Hiring a wedding planner is a good idea, but many people like to plan the details of their own wedding, and that’s okay too. One of the top things to consider is what wedding venues in Lee’s Summit are available on your wedding day. To get the venue of your dreams, you must book well in advance to hold your spot.

Here are some important things to consider once you have become engaged:

Take Time to Celebrate!

Being engaged is a big step towards a commitment to spending your lives together. Moving too fast into wedding planning mode, picking Lee’s Summit wedding venue, and all the other details can take a fun moment and turn it into a stressful one fast.

Make sure you take time to really enjoy each other as a couple and have fun with your family and friends as you celebrate the engagement. Have a party celebrating this important step, go on a fun trip together, or do any other thing that you enjoy doing. An indoor outdoor wedding venue in Lee’s Summit, like Lone Summit Ranch, is the perfect place to host an engagement party to celebrate this big event.

Wedding Venues in Lee’s Summit

Choose a Wedding Date

Choosing a date is a difficult thing to do because you have to plan around weather, work schedules, what you want your wedding to look like, and many other things. Consider if you want lots of color and spring flowers or a white Christmas wedding where there is snow, winter weather, and everything in-between. This will also determine what location you choose to host your wedding. Having your wedding at an indoor outdoor venue in Lee’s Summit will give you the flexibility to have an outdoor wedding but also have a backup in case the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Think About Your Budget

This is huge when it comes to wedding planning because Lee’s Summit wedding venues can get pricy. When you consider location, decoration, the dress, tuxedos, and all the extra details, it can quickly add up to way more than you originally planned. If you are paying for the wedding yourself, consider what you are comfortable with and stick to it.  If someone else is paying for it, sit down and have an honest conversation with them to make sure you can respect their budget. Whatever the budget is, make sure you make it clear and stick to it.

Pick A Location

The location is a big piece to nail down because everything else is kind centered around it. The style, weather, flowers, and number of guests are all determined by the location. Choosing which Lee’s Summit outdoor wedding venues fit your style and budget can be difficult but a fun part of picking too. You can tour many locations to find the one that fits right with your needs.

Wedding Venues in Lee’s Summit

At Lone Summit Ranch, we are a premier wedding destination for your big day. Our elegant setting is a great place to entertain guests with our many amenities. Our one-of-a-kind wedding and event space will be an excellent place for you to celebrate your special day. Give us a call at (816) 582-8013 or visit our website to fill out a form to tour our beautiful property and find out why we are one of the top wedding venues in Lee’s Summit.