How To Ask Someone To Officiate Your Wedding; Tips from One of the Top Lee’s Summit Wedding Venues — As one of the top Lee’s Summit wedding venues, we understand how important it is to find the best person to officiate your wedding. You want someone you and your partner feel comfortable with and someone who listens to what you want in your wedding. Many couples are pulling away from having their local pastor officiate their wedding and instead are asking friends or family to do it.

Asking people to be a part of your wedding is half of the fun, but it could also be hard. Every person in your wedding party plays an important role on your big day, so it’s best to choose people you can trust. So, who exactly would make the best officiant for your wedding? We’re here to help you figure that out.

At Lone Summit Ranch, we take pride in being a leader of both indoor and outdoor wedding venues in Lee’s Summit and want to help make your wedding day extra special. You want to find an officiant that’s the perfect fit for your wedding to make your day perfect.

Who Can Be A Wedding Officiant?

According to a leading indoor outdoor venue in Lee’s Summit, the laws for wedding officiating differ from state to state; however, becoming a licensed wedding officiant is generally easy. Most states allow you to become ordained online after a quick test.

What Does A Wedding Officiant Do?

One of the biggest jobs of a wedding officiant is to help the ceremony run smoothly. According to a leading Lee’s Summit indoor outdoor venue, a wedding officiant will engage with all the guests and perform the ceremony. They also might have to sign the marriage license and send the marriage certificate to the courts.

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Tips For Asking The Right Person To Be Your Wedding Officiant

An event space in Lee’s Summit understands how important it is to choose the right person to officiate your ceremony, so we’ve compiled some of our best tips on how to ask your friend or loved one.

Make Sure You and Your Partner Are In Agreement

You want to choose someone that both you and your partner are comfortable with performing the ceremony. Sit down with your partner and discuss potential candidates before making the final decision.

Are You Asking Someone Reliable?

A leading Lee’s Summit event space suggests asking someone who is responsible and reliable to officiate your wedding. You don’t have to worry about whether your officiant will show up on time or remember everything they have to say.

Are They Able To Talk In Front Of A Crowd?

Perhaps the most important quality of a wedding officiant is their personality. Are they able to engage with and talk in front of a crowd? This person will run your ceremony, so you want to make sure they can help the audience have a good time. They should also be able to think clearly and get back on track in case the ceremony gets off track.


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