4 of the Best Benefits of Having an Intimate Wedding at an Event Space In Lee’s SummitNot everybody wants a big wedding with hundreds of guests. Many couples prefer a small, intimate wedding at an event space in Lee’s Summit surrounded by close friends and loved ones. There are numerous benefits to having a smaller wedding with fewer people.

At Lone Summit Ranch, we take pride in being a leading indoor outdoor venue in Lee’s Summit and want to help make your day extra special. You shouldn’t have to worry about anything on your wedding day, so trust us to take care of all the details, big and small.

There are several reasons to have a small, intimate wedding at a Lee’s Summit wedding venue, but we’ve compiled 4 of the most popular reasons.

Event Space In Lee’s Summit

1. Easier to Plan

According to outdoor wedding venues in Lee’s Summit, a smaller wedding with fewer people is easier to plan and provides the couple with several benefits. Did you know that a smaller wedding can actually help you book unique, sought-after wedding venues?


2. Quality Time

A leading wedding venue in Lee’s Summit believes that an intimate wedding makes it easier to spend time with friends and family who attend your wedding. Many couples with 200+ people attending their wedding describe the day passing in a blur and struggle to remember who they were actually able to spend quality time with.

According to an event space in Lee’s Summit spending time and connecting with everyone who attends your wedding is easier with fewer wedding guests, It also makes it possible to remember the details of your wedding day because you’re not worried about engaging with hundreds of people.

Event Space In Lee’s Summit

3. Smaller Budget

Most intimate weddings at an event space in Lee’s Summit tend to operate on a tighter budget. If you and your partner plan to have a cost-friendly wedding, you might consider inviting fewer people. You might be able to skip hiring a caterer altogether and just prepare a quick meal for your guests to save money. A smaller wedding also means that you can spend less on wedding favors and costly items.


4. Your Wedding Feels More Personal

According to a leading Lee’s Summit event space, having a smaller wedding with fewer people can make the event seem more personal. Sometimes with a big wedding, it feels like you’re putting on a show for your guests in attendance. You want everything to be perfect so hundreds of people don’t talk about the mistakes for years to come.

With a smaller wedding at an event space in Lee’s Summit, you don’t have to worry about as many people watching. Being surrounded by your closest family and friends makes it easier to enjoy the experience and laugh off anything that goes wrong.


Some couples prefer a small intimate wedding over a large one. It’s quieter, easier to plan, and more personal, not to mention it’s more budget-friendly. Don’t be afraid to enjoy your wedding day with just a few of your closest family and friends. This helps make the day more fun, and you can easily spend quality time with everyone that attends.

Event Space In Lee’s Summit

Dreaming of an Intimate Wedding at an Event Space In Lee’s Summit?

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