As wedding season starts to build, and you get those save the dates in the mail, it’s always wise to look at how trends have changed. After dealing with Covid-19 for nearly two years, many began to put weddings off and start celebrating in new creative ways.

Now, things are starting to settle into a new normal. The same logic is true for wedding planning and the trends for 2022. There is more creativity than ever when it comes to wedding planning. Knowing the latest trends is extremely helpful for those reserving a wedding venue in Lees Summit in the coming year.


What Are Some of The Top Wedding Trends of 2022 for Wedding Venues in Lees Summit?



In the past, there was an order to things that most brides tried to follow. Some examples might include matching bridesmaids’ dresses, neutral color palates, and white wedding gowns. With the new year, bridal parties are really mixing it up.

Bridesmaids picking out dresses that fit within a color scheme they love and feel comfortable with is becoming the new norm. The age of matchy-matchy is gone, ushering in a new age of giving your bridal party a sense of individualism.

Mixing up the party is a significant trend that we hope is here to stay. Traditional gender roles are no longer applicable, which means if you are a bride and your best friend or brother happens to be a male, he can stand on your side to support to you. The term bridal party is replacing bridesmaids and groomsmen. This gives the groom and bride freedom to choose whoever they want by their side on their big day regardless of what gender they are.

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Picking a Flexible Space, Like a Lees Summit Indoor Outdoor Venue

Choosing a wedding venue with indoor and outdoor features is a great choice. There are unpredictable factors to consider, like the weather or Covid-19. Having a flexible space can make everyone more comfortable and safer.

If you would love to have an outdoor wedding but have reservations, choosing an indoor outdoor venue in Lees Summit is the perfect option to let you sleep easy at night. Knowing that regardless of weather or illness, everyone will have a place to go, and your wedding can go off without a hitch!

Small Gatherings

With Covid-19, many have opted to keep their wedding scheduled as planned but with a reduced guest list. This not only keeps the guests safer but creates a much more intimate gathering of close friends and family. Many brides and grooms are finding this to be a refreshing trend.

The stress of a big event is removed from the equation. Married couples are now much more relaxed when their celebration is held at a indoor outdoor venue in Lees Summit when the crowd isn’t quite so overwhelming. With fewer guests, they might actually get the chance to chat with everyone in attendance.


wedding venue in Lees Summit


At Lone Summit Ranch, a top wedding venue in Lees Summit, our beautiful property is the best place to start your happily ever after. Our indoor-outdoor flexibility paired with all of our other amenities will help your day flow beautifully. You can now enjoy your day without all of the stress that typically comes with planning a wedding.

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