If you are planning a spring wedding at a popular Lees Summit event space, then you know the special opportunity that you have in taking advantage of local or seasonal items. Usually, party favors are a big hit at a wedding, but it can be hard to come up with ones that follow the theme of your wedding, are cost-effective, and represent you as a couple.

Recent trends are to choose items that are very specific to your wedding, such as your wedding date and name engraved on an item. Although this is usually something pretty, it ends up being something your guests will never use.

It can take some thought to create the perfect spring wedding party favor that matches the theme and your wedding venue in Lees Summit. However, don’t feel stressed about it. At Lone Summit Ranch, an event space in Lees Summit, we see many weddings and have some creative ideas to get you started in choosing the perfect party favors that leave your guests thrilled!

A Sweet Treat

After a long night of fun and dancing at a popular event space in Lees Summit, it’s a great idea to send your guest home with something tasty! This can be any candy or chocolate that the bridal couple enjoys. Whether it’s a candy bar or loose candy, creating custom labels is easy and affordable. For instance, making a label for your favorite specialized chocolate that includes your wedding details is something that will be used and appreciated by your guests.

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Farmers Market Fruit Cartons

If you plan on using https://lonesummitranchevents.com/our-venue/ for your big day, then choosing an outdoor-inspired gift is perfect. You can now find ceramic or sustainable fruit cartons that look beautiful, follow most spring themes, and are the perfect way to support local produce. This also gives your guests a treat to look forward to on the ride home. Try finding some recyclable cartons and fill them with local produce. Add a ribbon and even a custom label from the wedding, and you have a beautiful little snack for your guests to take home.

Cocktail Kits

If you have a special cocktail from your wedding, try making little kits with the dry ingredients to replicate the fun day for your guests at home. At any craft store, you can pick up some mini tin containers and tuck in the dry ingredients. Add the instructions, a wedding label, a bow, and you have a custom cocktail kit for your guests to remember your special day for their next happy hour.

Custom Koozies

Everyone loves a koozie, and frankly, it seems like they always go missing or break, and most people don’t replace them right away. So, it’s a good idea to give your guests this gift because people will use them, and next time they pop open a drink they will remember the special day full of fun they had at your wedding.

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At Lone Summit Ranch, a top Lee’s Summit indoor outdoor venue, we give all of our clients the flexibility that they need and want on your special day. Our elegant and unique setting provides breathtaking views for your guests or for photos to capture the magic of the day. Bridal cottages and honeymoon suites onsite make it the perfect spot for you to host your wedding without the added stress of rushing to get ready.

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