Wedding venues in Lee’s Summit are a great place to ask questions about popular trends that are forming for 2022. This is because they host weddings regularly and experience seeing new and great ideas for brides and grooms.

The first place to start planning is choosing an event space in Lee’s Summit that is large enough to host all your guests. It should also blend in well with the overall look that you want to show on your big day.

Once You Select Your Event Space, it’s Time to Consider Flowers

Flowers are often the centerpiece of the wedding décor. Picking flowers that match your wedding venue is crucial to the overall look of your big day. Many Lee’s Summit wedding venues try to stay neutral so that brides can add whatever color scheme they choose. Now let’s list some of the top flower choices for 2022.

Potted Plants such as Succulents

When you choose potted plants and succulents for your wedding, they come with an added bonus. You or your guests can take the plants home with them after the wedding as both home décor and a beautiful reminder of a wonderful wedding celebration. These flowers have a beautiful way of brightening up any wedding event space in Lee’s Summit.

Wedding venues in Lee's Summit

Muted Toned Flowers

Many outdoor wedding venues in Lee’s Summit were notorious for featuring bright-colored flowers for weddings during the 1990s and 2000s. Now that we are entering 2022, there has been a massive shift from bright to muted colors when it comes to flowers. Some are choosing to do greenery instead of flowers at their indoor outdoor wedding venue in Lee’s Summit. Little touches of green really look beautiful against any backdrop no matter what type of venue you use for your big day.

Soft blues and pinks are growing rapidly as there is a real trend to feature eco-friendly styles among new brides. This is great because spending less on flowers allows you to invest in other aspects of your wedding and save the environment at the same time.

Dried and Artificial Flowers

Dried and artificial flowers have really come a long way. They look more and more real than ever before and come in a wide range of styles and colors. Many people can’t tell unless they touch some of the new artificial flowers if they are real or fake.

There are many benefits to using dried and artificial flowers, including the fact that they will last forever, they can be reused, and they cost significantly less than live flowers. Making flower arrangements can be done well in advance, which is one less thing you’ll have to worry about as your big day draws near.


Wedding venues in Lee's Summit


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