Sometimes, in all of the wedding day planning, many people forget about the charming wedding traditions that have faded over time. If you like tradition, why not bring back some classics to help make your day just a bit more memorable? Whether you want to have a traditional wedding or a more modern wedding, there are many options that can be taken from classic to modern with just a small tweak.

As one of the top wedding venues in Lee’s Summit, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite wedding traditions that might make a comeback one day.

Not Seeing Each Other Before the Wedding

Many people, out of convenience, have decided to throw this tradition to the wind. However, having the suspense of seeing each other on that special day in that moment is making a solid comeback. There are few things in life these days with modern conveniences that we have to wait for. Being in the moment, and seeing each other for the first time, in beautiful attire to celebrate your love is a great experience for the couple along with their family and friends.

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Making a Big Entrance or Exit from Your Event Space in Lee’s Summit

Your wedding held in an event space in Lee’s Summit can be indoor or outdoor, allowing you to make your day your own. Making a big entrance or exit is never out of style. If you choose to make a big entrance, it builds a sense of anticipation for what’s to come on that big day.

If you want to do a big exit, this gives the crowd the ability to send the couple off in a fun way. Previous traditions include adding cans to the back of the car for when the couple drives away from their indoor outdoor venue in Lee’s Summit. Newer traditions might include fireworks, sparklers, or couples dancing as they leave. There are so many options when trying to preserve a fun tradition while still making it your own.

Choosing Separate Cakes

Providing a groom and bride cake is a fun way to provide a variety of deserts and symbolize the uniqueness of the couple. You can make this as traditional or fun as you like. Some couples are even making traditional wedding cakes but offering an ice cream truck parked outside at their Lee’s Summit event space. Whatever you love, try blending it with a beautiful white cake so you can keep the tradition going.

Indoor Outdoor Venue in Lees Summit

At Lone Summit Ranch, a top indoor outdoor venue in Lee’s Summit, we give all of our clients the flexibility that they need and want on their special day. Our elegant and unique setting provides breathtaking scenery for photos and for your guests to enjoy. Bridal cottages and honeymoon suites onsite make our venue it the perfect spot for you to host your wedding.

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