When you are planning your wedding, one of the big decisions to make is what to serve your guests. Wedding guests cannot wait to dine with friends and celebrate such a momentous occasion. There are many topics to consider when picking your food choices at your wedding venue in Lees Summit.

In this article, we will break down some of the main things to consider when planning your wedding menu. We’ll also discuss some trendy options so that you can make the best food choice for your wedding at our Lees Summit event space.

Serving Style

There are two main types of serving styles at popular wedding venues in Lees Summit, which are catered individual plated meals or buffet style. Whichever option you choose will depend on the food served and the catering options available at your wedding venue in Lees Summit.

If you are going for a casual dinner of sandwiches, pizzas, bbq, and many other options, it is perfectly acceptable to go buffet style. If you consider a more formal plate such as steak or fish, then a plated dinner might be a better option.

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Consider How Many Guests Will Be in Attendance

If you are having a wedding with a large number of guests, then you will want to consider pricing options. Typically, plated catering options are cheaper than a buffet-style food choice. This is because there is less labor involved.

When you have a lot of mouths to feed, the 10 or 20 percent savings that a buffet has to offer can add up to thousands at a large wedding. You can also consider a scaled-down menu that still gives you the foods you want, just maybe fewer options than you initially considered.

Add to The Menu in Your Own Special Way

If you are having catering done by a company, but you want to add a little something brings out your personality, then consider adding a mini food option. For instance, if you have a steak or chicken option for your catered meal, but your favorite food is popcorn, consider adding a popcorn bar with various options as people are waiting for their dinner to arrive.

Adding a pre-meal snack or appetizer can fill the down time while the meal is being prepared and until the wedding party arrives. Many people will offer mini pizzas, egg rolls, street tacos, or even cereal and donut bars. Remember, if there is plenty of food and drinks available, people will be enjoying themselves for hours to come, especially if your wedding is hosted at Lone Summit Ranch, a gorgeous event space in Lees Summit.

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