If you have picked winter as the season for your wedding, you are joining one of the latest wedding trends. Not only can it be stunningly beautiful, but it doesn’t compete with all the family vacations and summer activities that your guests plan.

By the time the long days and nights of winter come, your guests will be looking forward to your wedding for weeks as a chance to dress up, celebrate love, and dance the night away at a beautiful Lee’s Summit wedding venue.

Picking the perfect colors and theme for your wedding can be tricky in the winter but not impossible. Here are a few of our favorites:

  • The Black and White Formal Affair

Black and white never go out of style when planning the attire for your wedding. It’s classic, beautiful, and matches almost any Lee’s Summit wedding venue. Some people like to change it up and do a chocolate brown and white instead of black and white. This look is also beautiful for winter and is both fun and classic.

  • Metallics

Metallics bring a beautiful ambiance to your wedding venue in Lee’s Summit. The shiny metallics bring elegance that bounces light throughout the room. This makes any space feel elegant, even barn venues in Lee’s Summit. The contrast of rustic wood with white linens and metallic finishes really elevates the look of any space.

  • Jewel Tones

Jewel tones are perfect for the winter months. They are meant to feel very luxurious, and using fabrics like furs, leathers, and velvet makes your wedding look even more beautiful. The traditional lumber found in Lee’s Summit barn venues are the perfect contrast when looking for an event space in Lee’s Summit.

Wedding Venue in Lee's Summit

Now that we know a few of the all-time favorite color schemes and themes for a winter wedding, here are some other tips to elevate your special day.

Use lots of lighting!

Decorate your wedding venue in Lee’s Summit with candles, twinkling lights, fairy lights, curtain lights, or one of the numerous other lighting options out there. Dark and dreary winter days and can be transformed when you walk into a space that’s warm with light.

Make sure you have plenty of ideas for keeping your guests warm.

When you have people in a large open area, like an event space in Lee’s Summit, it can get a little chilly. Place cozy throws throughout the gathering spaces so that guests can warm up if they find themselves to be a little chilly.

Think about adding warm drinks and warm food to the menu.

Many couples find that adding a hot spiked cedar to their bar menu is a massive hit for their guests. Not only does it keep their guests warm, but it’s delicious and adds a special touch to any wedding.

Wedding Venue in Lee's Summit

Lone Summit Ranch is located on a beautiful 128 acres estate just outside Lee’s Summit, Missouri. Not only does it boast a lake, reception hall, gorgeous fireplaces, and cottages for your bridal party, but it also has endless opportunities for pictures to last a lifetime.

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