If you have recently become engaged, congratulations! At Lone Summit Ranch, one of the premier indoor outdoor venues in Lees Summit, we know how exciting this time can be in your life.

It’s nice to be able to take your time and plan your wedding without a rush. However, some couples must move a little quicker when planning their wedding. Jobs, family commitments, financial responsibilities, kids, and many other reasons make it difficult to plan a wedding far out in the future. If you are feeling rushed for time, make sure you immediately focus on the key parts of the wedding to ensure they go off without a hitch.

Book Your Lees Summit Wedding Venue

Booking your venue is one of the most crucial pieces of planning your wedding. Your wedding venue in Lees Summit can determine the date, style, and service options for your wedding. For instance, if you are dreaming about a rooftop city wedding, and you don’t book in advance, you might have to choose from barn venues in Lees Summit or vice versa.

As a bride, you have so many options regarding what you want your wedding to look like, but booking in advance is key to getting what you want. Make sure you choose an event space in Lees Summit that offers the style and amenities that you want. You can take tours to be able to picture your dream wedding in person.

Lees Summit Wedding Venue

Get Your Dress and the Tuxes/Suits Ordered

Finding the right dress that matches your taste and the style of your wedding is a huge piece of planning. Not only do you have to find the right dress, but you will have to have multiple fittings that take time to get it just right.  Bridesmaids’ dresses, tuxes, and suits all have to be fitted to each person. This process takes time to get everyone in the same place and to give the alteration team enough time to get it all just right. If you are using an indoor outdoor venue in Lees Summit, the weather might be a determining factor in what attire you choose.

Order and Send Out Your Invitations

Creating a guest list and ordering invitations is important because it will determine the size and price of your wedding in a big way. It is critical to know how many people can come so you can determine the cost of your venue, food, alcohol, and other items. This will also give your guests plenty of time to plan for travel, take off work, or make other arrangements.

Create Your Wedding Registry

It’s a good idea to list your registry on your invitations, so go ahead and create one, even if it’s not an exhaustive list.  You can add to it as time goes on, but getting it started will provide a place for people to go when they pull out that invitation as the wedding gets closer.

Lees Summit Wedding Venue

At Lone Summit Ranch, we believe that every detail matters, which is why we have created a beautiful wedding space with packages to make planning just a little bit easier. Our long list of available amenities makes us a premier Lee Summit wedding venue. Give us a call at (816) 582-8013 or visit us online to book a tour.

We look forward to hearing your love story and helping you make your dream wedding a reality.