Once the excitement of your engagement is winding down a little bit, and you start to think about the wedding, there are many details to consider. These include everything from the photographer, food, guest list, and touring Lee’s Summit wedding venues that fit your style.

Another factor to think about is the weather. You’ll want your wedding to take place in a season where you, your partner, and your guests will be able to enjoy themselves. Let’s consider the four different seasons and why people might choose either spring, summer, winter, or fall for their perfect wedding.

Spring Wedding

Spring weddings are beautiful. This is because everything around you is turning green, and the blooming flowers have a beautiful array of colors. Many people pick pastel and nude color tones for their wedding if it’s during the spring. Another benefit for some people is that the price of some wedding venues in Lee’s Summit is a little cheaper as spring isn’t the peak season for weddings. The weather can be less dependable during the spring season, making it challenging to book outdoor wedding venues in Lee’s Summit.

Summer Weddings

Summer is one of the most popular seasons to have a wedding, and there are many reasons why. People tend not to have to balance work and school dates and functions as closely. The days are longer, so if you picture your wedding outdoors, wedding venues in Lee’s Summit are much more likely to be a dependable option as far as weather. If you envision bright colors, sleeveless dresses, green grass, and dancing the night away on a summer night, then this is the perfect season for your wedding.

Lee’s Summit Wedding Venues

Fall Weddings

Many Lee’s Summit outdoor wedding venues are gaining popularity for fall wedding dates. If you can plan just right, the leaves changing colors on the tress creates a beautiful backdrop for wedding photos. The weather is also perfect because it’s not too hot or too cold. Prices on venues, plane tickets (if you have people traveling from out of town), and many other costs tend to be a bit lower than summer months. However, your guests’ availability typically decreases during the fall since school is in session.

Winter Weddings

Winter weddings have their own unique beauty. There is typically not a lot of colors with white being the most popular. One significant benefit: Cost! The cost of a Lee’s Summit wedding venue is typically much lower, so you can use those savings to pay for flowers, food, and many other costs that can really jack up the price of your wedding. If you imagine your wedding being a white wedding, with long sleeve dresses along with the magic of a winter’s snow, then winter is the perfect season for you.

Wedding Venues in Lee’s Summit

At Lone Summit Ranch, one of the top Lee’s Summit wedding venues, we have both indoor and outdoor spaces to make your perfect wedding a reality, no matter what season you choose. We understand that picking a location is a big step and are glad to give you a tour of our beautiful property full of amenities.

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